About Bricknode

We want to help people to a better financial life. We do this by bringing new financial services to the market. Through our cloud-based platform and ecosystem, we give customers and partners the possibility to use our software and solutions in their daily work with their customers.

The story of Bricknode starts back in 2006 when one of our founder and CEO Stefan Willebrand realized that it is thru smart financial solutions and FinTech innovators the financial industry will be revolutionized.

Said and done, Bricknode was founded in 2010 and the purpose was to provide a solution that will function as a core platform for financial institutions, FinTech innovators, financial app developers and expert advisors. One of the key goals was to create a FinTech Ecosystem where numerous stakeholders could share standardized infrastructure in order to speed up the time to market for new financial innovations.

In and around Bricknode we have gathered a solid base of knowledge about the financial market and best practice solutions with our board of directors, advisory board, and development team.

Bricknode spent the years learning and developing a number of versions of its platform, Bricknode Financial Systems (BFS), and at the end of 2016, we released the first real scalable version with a global focus in the vertical called Bricknode Broker.

Bricknode currently holds 19 employees and is based in the city of Skövde, Sweden. Feel free to contact us and we will gladly see how we can be of service.

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